Why political science is not a science, and how to make it one.

History as Poetry

Iambic pentameter verse; coincidentally about a woeful state

Natural Enlightenment

  • Does Gaia still command us as loyal subjects of her Animalia kingdom?
  • Have we renegotiated our natural contract with our sovereign like the colonists renegotiated their social contract with theirs?
  • Are we demanding universal rights to be…

How to solve the wealth transfer from the average person to Big Tech feudal lords

“Rehoboam” — Supercomputer that allows a tech company in the fictional series Westworld to predict the path of everyone in the world by crunching their vast reserves of amassed data. Data is a powerful resource.

The Future of Politics

Cultural Contact & Its Implications

Arecibo Message, 1974.

An analysis of Big Sean & the rap game

Despite his clever wordplay, authentic roots, & resonant themes.


Weber Wong

history of the future

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